We provide the Custom Rigid Boxes with free shipping at affordable rates. We have available in different sizes and designs used to keep the products safe.

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Custom Gift Packaging BoxesCustom Snack Boxes

Custom Boxes for Events

Custom made branded boxes are the best tool for brand promotion on any kind of event or occasion. We at Next Custom Boxes produce fully personalized and custom printed packaging boxes for small and established businesses all across the USA. We are specialized suppliers of customized corporate gift boxes, promotional favor boxes, and branded giveaway boxes for all kinds of occasions and events celebrated in this country.

Business Card BoxesCustom Business Card Boxes-1

Custom Business Card Boxes

Business cards are important for a business, and so are the business card boxes. Add convenience to your life by using our top of line Printed Business Card Boxes. These business card boxes will give you limitless designs which will give your logo and your company a separate identity. Order your die-cut business card boxes today to enjoy the high-quality digital printing to leave your customers amazed.

Custom Candle BoxesCustom Candle Boxes-1

Custom Candle Boxes

Enhance your candle jars with our unique candle boxes. These Luxury Candle Boxes will showcase your creativity and promote your company at the same time.

These candle boxes will protect your product as candles are normally fragile. Nextcustomboxes.com will help you in positioning yourself within your consumers. We offer your boxes to be made in the most fascinating designs and writings.

Candy BoxesCustom Candy Boxes-1

Custom Candy Boxes

Attract kids, entice children, and create the cravings of teenagers through our range of exquisite custom candy boxes. While thinking of candy, the one thing which comes to mind is the range of colors. Usually, candy is made up of using colorful ingredients to attract children, and the same should be done in candy boxes. We have the biggest catalog of food boxes which will skyrocket your business.

chocolate boxesCustom Chocolate Boxes-1

Custom Chocolate Boxes

Our custom chocolate boxes are designed to make your chocolates look and taste their best. You can personalize them to match your style, and they’ll keep your chocolates fresh and delightful.

Custom Chocolate Boxes are among the most popular requests that we get here at Nextcustomboxes. We have special ready-made designs that will fill your customers with joy. Or if you are feeling creative, you can send your design and logo. Our team will print those boxes in the shortest time possible.

Christmas BoxesCustom Christmas Boxes-1

Custom Christmas Boxes

Make your Christmas more exciting with our Custom Christmas Boxes. These Gift boxes are perfect for packing precious gifts and edible items like candies or chocolates. Here at Nextcustomboxes.com, we have a huge catalog of templates to choose from. Our professional designers use high-tech printing quality to design the Christmas boxes. So, contact us to get such amazing Christmas boxes at an affordable price.

Custom Cream BoxesCustom Cream Boxes-1

Custom Cream Boxes

Get amazing Custom Cream Boxes from Nextcustomboxes.com. Take your cosmetic business to new heights by using our cream boxes. Choose any design from our wide range of templates or send a design of your own.

Get these boxes customized as well as per your needs. So, make sure to check our amazing products to fulfill your packaging needs. We deliver what we promise you.

We understand what kind of printed cream boxes will work best in the market. These boxes are not only for protection purposes. Instead, these boxes aim to attract customers. So, we can offer you genuine cream boxes with a little bit of artwork.


Custom Draw Style Boxes

Custom Draw Style Boxes

Drawer boxes are known in the packaging industry by different names. They are known as rigid slide boxes, tray boxes, and sleeve boxes. Whatever you call them, there is no denying that these boxes are among the most user-friendly boxes out there. These Rigid Drawer Boxes are used for purposes like displaying high-end books, jewelry products, and electronics. Nextcustomboxes.com has the biggest catalog for custom draw style boxes so make sure to check them out.

Custom Eyelash BoxesCustom Eyelash Boxes-1

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Use Custom Eyelash Boxes to protect and present your product in a new, unique and innovative way. Take your business to new heights by using our high-quality and premium boxes. These eyelash boxes come in all shapes and sizes and they can be printed as per your needs. Here at Nextcustomboxes.com, we have the biggest range of Custom Eyelash Boxes. So, make sure to check out our amazing products.

Custom Flap BoxesCustom Flap Boxes-1

Custom Flap Boxes

Flap boxes are used to store a plethora of retail items. These Decorative Flap Boxes are perfect for cosmetics, bakery items, and pretty much anything you can think of. These boxes induce glam to the overall look of the products and make the product stand out from the rest. Among other kinds of boxes, Decorative Flap Boxes are the best to grab the attention of the audience. Here at Nextcustoboxes.com, we have a huge range of custom flap boxes.

Custom Game Boxes

Custom Game Boxes

Use our Custom Game Boxes to increase the sale of your game. At Nextcustomboxes.com we have many different designs and many colorful boxes for you to choose from. They can be printed according to the choice of our customers to match their taste and aesthetic. They can be 3d printed to look even more fabulous and fun and made colorful. Hence using our Rigid Game Boxes can greatly increase the sale of your product.